Weekend update

I was not supposed to be on call this week, but the guy who is on call has an unreliable phone, so it’s the next best thing. But at least I don’t get paid. </cynical> There was index-push related foo so roughly half of that I wouldn’t have gotten out of anyway, but, well.

However, despite a few rollover calls, I am feeling quite good about my job right now. I am like a lighthouse on the Sea of Uncertain Merger. Well, maybe not a lighthouse, but at least I am keeping myself focused.

Anyway, there were exercise bike workouts both Saturday and Sunday. Sunday on leaving for the North Bay we found out our storage locker was broken into, and my bike had been stolen. Crap. I don’t expect I will see it back, but I am tempted to report it anyway so that the police can come take my statement (and there is a witness that saw kids going into the storage who would probably love to talk to the police about it.)

We got to see C on Saturday. I am happy about that.

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