What’s important to me…

How well do you know me? It’s possible that some of you know me better than I know myself.

I have made a list of the 3-4 principles or ideas that I am most passionate about. See if your impression of me matches my idea of myself.

Please rank items as to how important you think they are to me. Mark one item 10, one 9, etc. Mark 0 or just leave blank if you think I am not passionate about it.

0 thoughts on “What’s important to me…

  1. nekodojo

    Here is how I had ranked them originally.
    10. Honesty, integrity
    9. Communication
    8. Emotional awareness, emotional honesty
    7. Compassion
    6. Patience
    5. Growth, self-improvement
    4. Self-awareness
    3. Industry, work ethic
    2. Fairness
    1. Humility, modesty

    If you had multiple items with the same number that is OK, it will all work out fine :)

  2. misty_shadows

    Here be my thoughts. :)

    I think.. what matters here too is another factor: what you feel is important to you verses how you come across. Un mixing those two is something particularly hard.

    You see, having known you, and having worked (sorta ;) ) with you, you display a high quantity of those qualities. It’s hard to discern which ones YOU find in particular important because you do have them. You are compassionate about the things you care for :) You’re patient with those things too, going past where some guys would have thrown a book at the wall. You’re honest, sincere and don’t run around bragging either. I don’t think you’re quite as self-aware as the rest… but then, who is?

    So.. is it more important to know you’re aiming at these qualities, or to know how you’re doing at them ;).

  3. traveller_blues

    I said:
    10. Modesty and integrity (check)
    9. Communication (check)
    8. Humility, modesty (+7: I consider you to be very humble and modest….)
    7. Fairness (+5: you’ve never struck me as not being unfair, ergo I thought it was important to you…)
    6. Emotional awareness, emotional honesty (-2)
    5. Compassion (-2)
    4. Self-awareness (spot on)
    3. Growth, self-improvement (-2: I’ve noticed you start a lot of projects for yourself, but rarely finish them…)
    2. Industry, work ethic (-1)
    1. Patience (-5: You’ve got patience down cold. I guess I misunderstood it as not meaning ‘needing to find patience in others, which would make more sense.)

    …and Strongbad and pickles.

    Well, I at least know your top two. Tough quiz!


  4. thistle_chaser

    Eh, wow, I suck. I did this wrong. I must have been asleep last night while reading this. I came back today to see how other people had answered and noticed that we were supposed to rank them, not just pick what we thought. Bah. Sorry for messing it up!

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