Mid-week report

Wednesday: Up early to go to Sacramento. Picked up Bruce, got to Sac office about 9:30. Worked on fetch finishing touches with Bruce. (Make that “offered moral support while Bruce did 90% of the work.”) Fired off questions to Dan, Hugo, etc. about how things should go. Managed to get some time with Michael, Stacy, and a bit with Hugo, Dan and Tommy. Attended the Wednesday Sac meeting.

M came with us to the office and we took off at lunchtime to meet M’s parents, brother and brother’s fiance, and about 945281 people who are old friends of M’s folks. Had Chinese… got there just in time for starting on the soup. The place we went is about 35 min from the office to the East, so it was a long lunch.

After getting done with work, visited Fry’s, got Bruce his phone back from the back seat, headed home. Ended up at 1:15 into the trip, tired and hungry, and there was Mudd’s restaurant just at the right place. So we stopped for dinner and finished the ride home happier and alive with mochas.

Even managed to work out after getting home, so I really need to go to bed now. tud.

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  1. shadowhwk

    Wah, you were up in Sacramento and didn’t say hello? :)

    (of Jay and Sarah, once. Pern geek, ex-sort of roommate who left way too much stuff there and still needs to pay you guys back so we should at least do lunch some time)

    1. nekodojo

      Hi Sarah! I thought that was your journal but I didn’t know if you were still in the area.

      I’m in Sac again today but will probably take off right after work. Maybe we can have lunch or dinner next time… I am in sac about every 2-3 weeks.

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