Weekend report

Friday: I think we got Chevy’s food. Not much going on.

Saturday: Pedalled in the morning. Went to dinner with helenschappell and wschappell, had a good time. Went to Mudd’s and had a great dinner, and went back to their place to play with kitten. We did our best to tire out the little ragamuffin, but he dozed for 15 min and was playful again. “I got my breath back, it must be a new day!” Returned home and reassured our kitties that they are still the only ones in our lives, despite the Interesting Scents.

Sunday: Pedalled 10 miles again, and read the Forgotten Realms book. I must continue reading and writing until I have enough source material to torture some players.

Went shopping and stopped at Supercuts for a $13 haircut (and $7 tip). Brought home way too much food (observe, most non-perishable items are still in the car)

Back home, has asparagus, leftover thai food, and salad. Did laundry. I should probably go to bed soon if I am going to be up early tomorrow. (Not for anything special, just that I would like to get up early enough to exercise in the morning and still get to work at 8:00).

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