Trip log Friday

Breakfast and Keno again at the Pyramid Cafe. After breakfast we hopped a cab to try and find our property. There was a building there but we could not get close with the cab, and there was a HGV office next to it but the doors were locked. So we stayed in the cab and went to NY NY. Cabbie was friendly and interested in the time share and I tipped him a few bucks, I think it was $30 total.

Once in NY NY we rode the roller coaster and looked at a few shops. After roller coaster we got some cool drinky-drinks at Nine Fine Irishmen — I had something called “Pearl Harbor” which contains rum, Midori, and some fruit juice — and then we headed back to Luxor via tram. I was puzzled by the tram because the sign said in order to go to Luxor we had to board the Mandalay tram and then transfer over, but C did not believe me that there were two Excalibur stations (one dropping off tram 1 w/o boarding and one for tram 2 on/off) I am pretty sure where we got off the tram the first time to excalibur was all the way around the Luxor corner and it took 10 min to walk to the LV BL corner, where the other tram boards right on the corner. But the puzzling thing is that it looks like Tram 1 was intended to go all the way to the corner — maybe it did and now doesn’t anymore.

Back at Luxor, we found a nice place to sit down and have a water and a coke… Went up to Imax area but didn’t find anything we wanted to see. Went down and found C again. Dropped $40 or so in nickel draw poker. Back upstairs for some Mexican food. Finally, fetched our bags and took a cab to the airport for 20. Played some more nickel machines in the aiport. Got into the airport at 11:00 and got home about 12:00.

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  1. traveller_blues

    Question is: have you decided to buy into the timeshare or not? Would you go back again, if the timeshare is in the same spot?

    Did the cats decide you need to bring them along next time?

    Very nice trip report, overall.


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