Weekend report

A quick review of this week. Went to the vet on Monday, went to Sacramento on Wednesday, gods, it was hot enough to melt my deodorant, had a lot of good meetings with sysadmins, came back on Thursday, and didn’t do much at all on Friday. There.

Friday afternoon, went shopping, had mashed potatoes, brown gravy, and hamburger meat. Sounds strange but it was good… a comfort food.

Saturday, drove up to see M’s family in Healdsburg. Got to see E (cousin J’s new wife) and a tiny baby, might be the youngest baby I’ve seen in real life. Babies are so helpless… I think humans must be unique in surviving so well, compared to how helpless we are as infants. Also damn hot in the North Bay too.

On the way back, stopped off to see J and A and their cats Arthur and Roland. Gave them lots of catnip (homegrown, Lake County, the good stuff). Got home just in time to shift traffic away from SVS5… good thing too, when the blade was replaced, everything in that row crashed over and over. nice. Network took about 2 hours to fix, just in time for me to have some pan-fried ramen (same recipe as before) and go to bed.

Sunday, Mom called me First Thing in the Morning (8:45) to let me know that her powerbook has finally given up the ghost. I guess I need to start looking for a refurbished laptop for her. Either that or take the old Apple 2e she was using 5 years ago back to her… no, that wouldn’t be… no.

Went to Walgreens, though I was distressed to find I had lost the prescription from the vet, I hope it is at work on my desk or I need to get them to write another one, and the last syringe is for tomorrow morning.

Did laundry. Pot pie and egg-salad sandwich for dinner. Pickled eggs aren’t very good for snacking, but it turns out they aren’t very good for egg salad either.

That is all.

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