Wish list

I really want to go on vacation, maybe to Vegas or something. I think I will take the week off July 25 or something.

I would really like to move but I haven’t been motivated to look for anything and I am sure not motivated to fix up this place.

I would like to run a d&d game. Sitting here thinking about it might make me more prepared, but more prepared doesn’t mean better. Doing it multiple times will make me better, at least more so than waiting longer to start.

That is all for now.

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  1. torquemada

    I’ve heard that Vegas can be really fun, though it’s not my bag.

    Could you take advantage of a refinancing to get some money to fix up the condo? You could always spend idle moments browsing home listings, and see if something leaps out at you. Or have Miche look, when she has time. If you do it casually, you may not feel as pressured about it.

    Try running a few one-shots, maybe, so you get a feel for DMing and play around with game ideas. One folks considered before I moved back to Seattle was a monsters one-shot — everyone played a 4th/5th level character, with some of those levels taken up by the monster race. I’d have picked a kobold monk. ;)

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