Wish for peace II

Let me just say that I support the the wish for peace meme by linking to my original essay from September 12 2001 A Wish For Peace.

The following quotes written over a year ago still ring true for me.

Despite the sheer magnitude of yesterday’s events, I will still continue to trust people as often as not; it took a long time to learn and will take much more than this to un-learn…

I have often had the experience of reacting quickly and emotionally to a situation, and later regretting my actions. I have also had the experience of waiting, wanting to act and deciding not to, and later being glad that I didn’t react immediately…

I think we stand at a crossroads, and we will look back on this time for many years to come and wonder if we acted properly. Others in later generations will judge us based on what we do now. Will we later feel pride in how we handled ourselves, or will we come later to be regretful or even ashamed of what we have done?

I have no specific suggestions or guidance as to what to do in a situation like this. Only time will tell if we will be admired or sharply criticized for our actions during this dark time.

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