V-day report

Thursday: Got a gift for M at Shane Co (earrings) and stashed it in the trunk for later. The initial idea was to hide it somewhere in the house and give her an innocent-looking box of chocolates with a clue at the bottom, but something else came up (see below). I arrived home and we left again to go look at futons for the spare room.

After choosing a decent futon of the “loveseat” variety (not as wide as a normal couch, it folds out and extends and you bring out the extra piece of futon to stick on the end to make a double bed). The guy took forever to write up the invoice, but we were in no particular hurry. Set up delivery for Saturday.

After the futon shop, we headed to California Grill for dinner. (The place is pretty high-end, the food is quite excellent; it is located in Valley Fair). Since it was the night before V-Day we managed to get seated quickly and the place was pretty empty. After ordering, I surprised M by saying “Ok I’ll be right back” and then heading toward the parking lot. I came back with the gift behind my back (inside a can of chocolates) and said “Happy Valentines Day Weety”. She looked kind of puzzled and said “Oh, you got me a… Almond Roca?” Yup. “Um, there isn’t anything else in there… is there?” Hmm, I wonder if there could be…

Anyway she opened the thing and found the real gift and she was happy. We decided going out to dinner the night before was much better that going out on V-Day (which would have been a Friday as well.) The waiter was quite nice and we gave him a huge tip.

A good time was had by all!

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