Year in review

Things I wanted to do this year
Write more
Go out with friends

How it really turned out
Exercise: Exercised regularly during the end of May and most of June, most of August, and pretty much blew it off the rest of the time.
Writing: This has been inconsistent, just don’t seem to have the excess energy or enthusiasm for it.
Roleplaying: There was Merlin’s game that has wrapped up, but nothing really other than that. I probably need to get involved with a Mush in order to get more roleplaying and I am afraid of getting wrapped up in something that takes too much time.
Go out with friends- I am doing better on this but we are still a bit constrained because M prefers to stay home a lot.

Good things about this year
– I am glad the work situation got itself worked out. Things have been a lot less stressful at work without having to deal with employee issues. I feel like the team is really doing well in terms of morale and I am proud of them and proud of how I dealt with some difficult situations.
– I lost some weight and managed to keep it off

Bummer things about this year
Sleeping on the couch- I have been sleeping in the front room for most of the last six months, due to my snoring problem. This doesn’t keep Miche up so her schedule has been a bit more regular. I can sleep well just about anywhere so not really a problem, but it would be nice to sleep with my weety.

OK then, goals for next year
Go see an allergist about snoring
Get serious about exercising. Not going crazy with it, just being consistent.
Go out with friends more
Take more vacation

0 thoughts on “Year in review

  1. 9thmoon

    Dude. When my boyfriends snore too much, *I* move to the couch. How did M rig that? =)

    Too bad you’re in California or we could rp. I need a group that Josh would be interested in playing with. It’s been too long!

      1. 9thmoon

        I didn’t say my boyfriends weren’t sweethearts.
        Last night in particular, it was way more important for *you* to get solid sleep than it was for me, so I had no trouble moving.
        And actually… I sleep pretty darn good on your couch. =)

    1. nekodojo

      M has had turns on the couch as well, but this seems to throw off her schedule a bit. The TV is in the front room and so is the computer. So she will read, watch tv, play eq, and end up going to bed after I get up (like, hey, the bed is free now). So, I would rather volunteer to sleep out here if it means she keeps mostly the same schedule I do.

      Oh, forgot to mention, C is moving out, so we will get the extra room back in a few days once all the stuff is gone. We want to put computers in there and get an extra bed. I still want to solve the snoring problem but an extra bed is better than blowing up the aero bed every night.

      M swears that I must have Sleep Apnea, based on everything she has heard about it. It might be true, but I only have the one symptom (the snoring) which in itself is not a strong indicator. I have never awakened out of breath or anything that indicates I am failing to breathe- just that I breathe really loudly. I should read more about it I guess, but more importantly I should do what my doctor says – get the allergy part worked out and see what happens from there.

      Thanks for the encouragement :)

      1. merlinofchaos

        People who have sleep apnea almost never actually know they have it.

        The only way to be sure is to have someone listen or to record the sounds you make while sleeping and listen for cessation of breathing.

      2. esmerel

        What Merlin said. He has it. He had no idea except that he generally slept poorly. It wasn’t until I woke up and heard him /not/ breathing, but trying to, that he knew what happened. He’d only wake up barely enough to gasp for air, but never truly wake up. Definitely getting allergies tested won’t hurt. We have a HEPA filter in our bedroom, too. There’s a noticable difference in Merlin’s breathing when we have it on, and when we don’t.

  2. goldenlily

    Definitely ask to be referred to a allergist and to a sleep specialist. We’re lucky that they have a sleep study center at Stanford, so make the most of it. :) IN the meantime, try something called Nasalcrom, you can buy it in Target, Safeway, Costco. It’s fairly cheap, and I’ve found it works for my nasal allergies.

    RP – I’m up for gaming. Scott’s on about starting up Rifts in February after his DundraCon game if you’re interested.

    Going out with friends – we’re always up for this too!! Just holler. :)

  3. kethry

    Year In Review

    I think those are all great goals.

    roleplaying – Well… you could join my group in Fairfield, yeah its along drive but I think you would enjoy it. Have you and M decided to make it to DundraCon? I have a room and you could crash there… it would be fun!

    Exercise … I hear you. *grumble*

    Snoring – what I have found helps (and this is for Miche) it to place your feet (your very cold feet) on the sweeties back. Snoring stops!

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