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I wrote this in response to Pixel’s post. It is a suggested reply to someone who is “offended” at a web site. Apologies for the duplication, but I wanted to save it in my own journal too for future reference.

I would agree with what you wrote and you did so eloquently. As long as you are entertained by this joker (and you’re reasonably certain he doesn’t live in your state) then there doesn’t seem to be any harm in keeping him going.

I personally have a bit less (patience? time? inclination?) to deal with people who want to force their opinion on me rather than have a polite discussion among assumed equals – this is also the reason I don’t talk to missionaries who come to the door. So here is some ammunition you might want if you get bored with the exchange.

Your feedback is noted. Thank you for taking the time to write. I have decided not to change anything on my site. As to the issue of whether the material is offensive, there is no need to debate… I realize that anyone can choose to be offended at almost anything, especially anything that is humorous, or that states an opinion about anything. I don’t dispute anyone’s right to “feel offended” at anything, but I take a dim view of anyone trying to make my personal site conform to his or her taste. Some of my site may even offend ME and I might choose to post it anyway. So, I appreciate your taking the time to express an opinion; you have a right to one. If you don’t feel like granting me the same token of respect, that I might be entitled to my own opinion, then there is probably no point in discussing it further.

As to whether the material is appropriate for posting, I reserve the right to make that judgement myself and I may choose to explain myself or I may not. Whether anyone may be “offended” and therefore consider the site “offensive” is interesting feedback to note, but I don’t feel the need to make my site universally inoffensive and sanitary according to the delicate sensibilities of others. If there were numerous negative comments that might be a different story, but yours is the only negative comment I have received on that piece in the number of years I have had it posted.

I won’t bore you with a discussion of freedom of the press, except to say that the freedom belongs to those who own the publishing equipment (in this case, my ISP). I believe I am following the rules set out by my service provider and any applicable laws, and that material I have posted is not illegal, libelous, nor indecently depicts children, nor abuses anyone’s copyright. View the AUP here: [URL] Therefore I don’t expect to have any trouble with them… but if you somehow feel I have overstepped my rights and intruded on yours, you are welcome to take your complaint up with them.

[possibly for later when you are *really* tired of the guy and he persists – I have had to use this at least once. This one works best in an email by itself so they have no additional questions to respond to.]
I don’t think there is anything useful to be gained by further discussion. Please do not write to me again. I will consider any further email to be harrasment (which is against your agreement with your own ISP, according to )

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