0 thoughts on “What the hell is this?

  1. torquemada

    greg drunk might sound like this

    I had restaurant food. But this mouse was sitting here Workout log my friends page. Weight Sunday. Renting the back I you normally eat half on it I is the technology they used computers before at the big deal, but it’s not a lifestyle change, not enough what you don’t have added some friends journals and do some groups that I won’t a plate and you By getting salad instead of you of what you by getting salad instead of entree selection, half assed diet another try. Welcome back I stopped taking the ankle and you who know me to get a big deal, but you who know me.

  2. nineme

    No, I have vague memories of FERAL CATS.

    I just had to try it. Silly thing came up with some stuff that looks like bad poetry!

    History and that’s just the thing
    Or something at just over by the every now
    And decided It was important
    Then I Will
    Then I made the window at the scandisk portion of my mind

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