Strange dream

Another strange and disturbing dream.

I only remember the last two parts of it, one was kind of silly, the other one was quite scary.

First part was with me and M and her parents and a couple other people, possibly her grandmother, and we were in a big house, and we were talking about evolution and where our ancestors were from. Then instead of talking we were singing to each other like a musical number, like some badly-written musical show about evolution, and we were parading around the house, etc. We looked out the window to find that the scenery had changed and it was snowing. Some scientist-lady then showed us a file cabinet full of documents explaining the history of all the family trees from the last 10,000 years, and explained that we came from a Native American tribe or some such. However, the musical number went on to explain that since the State of Kansas had issued everyone new birth certificates in the 1800’s, that this didn’t really apply to us, officially, since our house had just been transported to Kansas Dorothy-style. When the song was over, our house was back where it belonged and it was no longer snowing. We had each been given a couple of items, which we found tucked in our pockets, left for us by our ancient ancestors (like a small carved rock or pair of earrings) so that we would not forget our ancestors.

The second part was just me and M, driving in our car at night. We were going to go feed the cats (who were staying at some other location besides our house, for reasons unclear). I saw a red flash from the hills ahead and said to M “Hey check out the Northern Lights, they’re right in front of us.” I couldn’t figure out if the red flashes were lighting reflected off/through some red clouds, or Northern Lights, or what. Then I realized what it was: it was a volcano erupting in the hills right in front of us. We had less than a mile to go before we would turn, but we noticed that we could never make it that far, as there was lava flowing up ahead, literally right on the road we were on. I braked and executed a tv-commercial-stunt-driver turn and managed to get facing the opposite way, and then I hit the gas as hard as I could. I said something like “Remember how I said I would never get myself into a situation like this? Boy do I feel stupid now!” We were on a stretch of road where we would have to go down first, then up, and then we would probably be safe, but the car was starting to steer funny from having its tires flattened by lava. We got to the bottom of the hill and started to go up, and there was a woman’s body kind of rolling down the hill toward us. I couldn’t really steer very well and I was pretty sure that if I slowed down, we would never make it up the hill to safety, but I think I managed to avoid hitting her. Then the car started to slow down on its own, and I realized that we were going to have to jump out of the moving car as it was almost stopped in order to get to safety. Then I woke up.

The disturbing parts there were 1. knowing that we couldn’t get to where the cats were (though we hoped they would be safe because their house was on a hill) and 2. seeing a woman’s body in the road, like she had tried to jump from a moving car, then realizing we were probably going to have to jump out of our own car.

OK, time to go back to bed, maybe have some NICE dreams this time.

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