Holidays in review

Christmas was good. Went to see M’s grandmother on Tuesday. Her parents and a couple cousins and other friends dropped by. My mom also came down (she lives further North so it is a good halfway meeting point) so that was good to see her too. Drove back really late Tuesday night, stopping by to see J and A, finally getting home at 1:30. Went to bed about 2:00.

Wednesday, got up and went to see my grandparents. This was only a 35 minute drive so that was good.

Today we did a little shopping, nothing serious, Petco and Storables (the plastic storage container store). REI didn’t have the Rockports that M wanted so we just cashed out our REI bucks and went home.

I have sent off our holiday contribution to charity. This year we gave $1000 to Humane Society of Santa Clara. This will be the second year we have done this, and I still like it a bit better than holiday gift-giving… I would rather give to charity than to spend the same amount on an average $50 gift for 20 people. So if we didn’t give you any gifts this year, now you know why… and we are not expecting any either. However, we did actually get our sh!t together this year and send out cards…

Thanks to all who responded to the “what should I write about” poll. I will collate all the submissions carefully, and will then proceed to write about precisely whatever I want. But it is always nice to know that people are reading… thank you.

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