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I would like to upgrade Charon, and then use the old Charon as the new Poly. This would allow me to retire the old Poly which is starting to show its age.

The new Charon should be a small-ish PC (physical size) so that it can hide under the desk neatly. The current model has a 10G drive. This should probably be closer to 30G in order to be able to back up stuff onto the server from our personal PCs. Or we could go with a 9G drive and add a second 30G drive for backup/extra storage in order to be more flexible later.

Built-in support for SCSI would be nice, but not required. I will probably continue to use the DLT tape drive to back everything up, but I can use the existing PCI/SCSI Adaptec card for this.

I have thought about making Charon be the firewall for the windows machines. I may or may not do this, but I should get a second ethernet adapter in any case.

On installing the new Charon, I will move the tape drive from Poly to the new machine, and Charon will become the backup server. At some later time I will reinstall the old Charon as the new Poly and retire the old Poly.

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  1. bryant

    Ah, the joys of upgrades… is a nice newish box now, and it’s been fun getting everything copied over properly. Worth doing, though, went from a PowerPC 603e to a G4 chip. And the disk space…

    [root@hope log]# df -k
    Filesystem 1k-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
    /dev/hda6 26832273 5287917 20139802 21% /

    temperance (/etc)% df -k
    Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
    /dev/wd0a 12151367 1632818 9910981 14% /
    /dev/wd1a 58143523 5020902 50215445 9% /home

    Now, that’s chewing satisfaction. Plus it’s OpenBSD for added security fun.

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