Week in review

I got up at 9:00 this morning to work on upgrades to the mailing list software on poly. Everything went smoothly, and we are now running mailman-2.0.13 (last version was 2.0.5). As a side effect I noticed that there is one list with 19 messages waiting for moderator approval, and the moderator’s old address doesn’t work anymore. Everything seems to be OK with the new version, however.

I feel like this week was pretty productive as far as work is concerned. I still feel that there is a lot more stuff we could be doing to improve our operation, but that we don’t have enough staff on hand to get ahead. Still we were able to clear out some old pending items, so that is forward progress.

I haven’t been exercising much – about once per week on the average. Now that C is spending so much time with D and away from the house, I don’t have as much reason to go walking – I could go walking anyway, and I do, but it’s not as much fun walking alone and I don’t get reminded to do so.

Also not much progress in terms of writing and trying to be creative. I have been doing some writing practice as this journal shows, but I would like to be in the once-per-day range, while I’m currently closer to the once-per-week range. It’s hard to get focused on writing and being creative when someone is watching TV in the same room, but that is not the real reason. I just need to set aside the time and do it. That seems to be a recurring theme for the things I want to do (or claim that I want to do) but for which I don’t seem to have time (or make time).

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