Weird dream

I had a strange dream last night…

The first part of the dream that I remember: I was walking along some back roads which looked like rural parts of Sonoma County. I was walking alone but there was a kid following me. I walked by a freeway overpass/onramp, and there was a service station and a store, and not much else except for open grassland. I was looking for a restaurant or somewhere to buy food, but I couldn’t find any. A group of kids were sitting in front of the service station and they laughed at me. I walked on.

Sometime later I found a car, and someone else was in it with me, possibly my mom or my sister. But instead of driving along the roads we drove along the open land, through the fences, etc.

I think I woke up at some point, I’m not sure. Anyway, sometime later, I dreamed that Michelle and I were visiting her grandmother, and several other family members were there. It was not her normal house, but a huge house on a hill with a steep driveway. Somebody heard something outside so I went out to check it out. Apparently there was a huge group of kids looking like a field trip, going through the yard on the side of the house (looks like it was a huge yard). There were about 30 kids and 10 adults. I said something like “Excuse me, what are you doing here” and one of the adults said something like, “Oh, we’re shooting a commercial here, I hope you don’t mind.” There was also a sleek silver sportscar out front with a caption on the hood like “New Apple Handheld” or something.

I told him they were going to have to leave. He said something like ” We can pay you.” and I said something like “Well if you had asked first, that would probably have been OK, but you can’t just show up unannounced”. So they herded the children back out to the front and the sportscar left and a bus arrived.

I escaped back into the house and locked the door, or tried to at least. I couldn’t find the actual door, just a long and rambling front porch that led straight into the house. Off to the right side of the porch was something that looked like a horse stable or pen, but the fence and gate were made of stainless steel bars like the barrier separating the In and Out doors at Longs or something. After looking around the horse stable for a minute I went back to the front of the house and tried to close the front door.

Still not finding the actual front door, I found some sheets of plastic that were hanging from the porch and pushed off to the side, so I grabbed them and pulled them down. I then found the actual “doors” which were roll-up doors like a garage or a loading dock, so I started closing them as well. A couple of kids came back up to the door and said “Why won’t you let us stay” – it was pretty clear that one of the adults had told them to say that, so I didn’t answer.

Don’t remember what happened after that.

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  1. gaaneden

    For once, nothing jumps to mind as to what your mind was working over. I’m usually pretty good at this sort of thing.

    Maybe you have some bad habits that you want to get rid of and you’re having trouble doing so. I say that because the lack of a door and the barn in your dream reminded me of my mom’s complaints of us being born in a barn when we didn’t shut the door after us.

    *heh* Most likely, it was random neurons firing in barely coherent stream.

    1. nekodojo

      I didn’t take the time to say “thank you” before, but thank you for the dream analysis. (I have been a bit distracted with the back thing and generally tired and run down from my new medications).

      I seem to be actually remembering my dreams more often than not these days, which is a new thing for me, for a long time I didn’t have any dreams that I could remember. Perhaps this means I am sleeping more soundly now, and more likely to enter dream-state, or perhaps it means I am more likely to get my sleep cycle interrupted at the right point, as a side effect of medication. (The medication seems to make me more tired – I have been sleeping 8-9 hours and waking up feeling like I have slept only 6-7)

      Anyway, thanks again. Talk to you later!

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