Writing on Wednesday Nov 28, but this actually happened over the weekend on Sunday Nov 25.

I don’t think we went to any of the sessions on Sunday. We got down to the con area about 11-ish and walked through the art show area. We found 3 things we wanted to buy: an engraved-glass art piece, a jewelry box, and a print; total damage was about $110, not bad compared to what we would have done going to the actual auction and bidding on things in live mode. We hustled our treasures back to the rented lair.

We walked down a block and across the street to Fry’s (actually this was more like under the street, up some stairs, and over the other street). We found another suitcase very similar to the one we brought for $17 and grabbed some empty cardboard boxes, packing tape, and padded mailers to help pack the art items for travel (this worked pretty well, see Monday).

On returning to the hotel, we ate lunch (soup and quesadillas) and went up to the room to eat the ice cream (kinda melty) and read some more. After a while we ordered room service and watched Star Wars Episode I on TV.

That about wraps it up for the convention… most of the interesting stuff was on Saturday anyway. We will probably go again next year, but it was not quite as fun as the three previous years. We were hoping to see JMS but he didn’t show this year.

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