Writing on Monday Nov 26, but this actually happened a week ago on Sunday Nov 18.

I had a big argument with M today. I’m not going to write the specifics here, since it’s kind of personal and not really resolved.

We got invited to dinner with Christine in Berkeley. I was sort of navigating by memory, which didn’t work well, since I had only been there twice by two different routes, and neither matched what Chris was telling me on the phone. Then as Chris was trying to guide me through the streets by speakerphone, I decided to back up and try to turn a different way, and backed right into someone else’s car! It was a very light tap and I was pulling over to the right to talk to the guy, but he just honked at me like he wanted me to keep going. I turned right and stopped and it didn’t look like he was following me, so oh well. We eventually made it to Chris’ house.

We went and had Ethiopian food, not at Blue Nile, but at one of the other 258 Ethiopian restaurants on Telegraph (well, I don’t know if there are 258 but we counted at least six on the stretch we were on.) This restaurant was called “Ethiopian Restaurant”. The food was way spicy, but the honey wine was nice.

We stopped at the grocery store for ice cream, and went back to Chris’ house and played Unexploded Cow with another one of her friends. This is a really excellent game, very fun. We drove back home and I dragged my tired butt to bed.

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