Tuesday: Actually rode my bike during lunch today, though I forgot my water bottle. Had to stop twice on the hill of death and cough up something that didn’t quite belong in my lungs. Showered and still had time to grab lunch on the way to staff meeting. Other stuff happened after this, probably involving another meeting and more emails.

Wednesday: Don’t remember much about this day.

Thursday: Did some bits of managing (which mostly amounts to talking to people about work that other people are working on). A meeting, then anime, then a bit more email and taking, then time to go take M to an appointment. Went to dinner with M… Spent most of the evening playing with the palm 3 and installing some free software called avantgo that promises to keep my palm 3 supplied with the current version of The Onion for free (which came in handy during meetings Friday).

Friday: Before heading to bed last night (actually this morning) there was a beep about the International pages, some images broken, I fixed it. Then after sleeping an hour or more (like 2:15) I was beeped again, this time because international translate was broken. I was a bit angry about this, so after deciding that I could not fix it myself, I instead decided to rage at the International team via email for a bit.

Once people started showing up, the problem was fixed pretty shortly, but still nobody can adequately explain what changed to break it. However, much of the “integration with international” problem has been blamed on their having low-grade tools and no network or IT support, so perhaps the working relationship will get better as those pieces are upgraded. I am hopeful that it will.

A meeting and some emails sped by, then lunch at my desk, then some more email and not much in the way of real work. Oh, I did a code push of some pre-release experimental code or other such contraband, told developers and qa noids that I had done it, then it was pretty much time to go home.

M and I went shopping at a couple places, secured take-out for dinner, then came back home and watched TV together for a while. We were hoping something interesting would be on cable, or pay movies or something, but nothing really was interesting.

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