LJ: Memories (aka Index) feature

I learned how to use the Memories feature. The name “Memories” suggests a scrapbook or something, but this is more like a keyword index. Cool feature. I am using it to create a topic index of sorts, though there are only three items worth indexing now. Btw the “Add to Memories” icon is on the “Read Comments” page (heart-plus icon)

Apparently you can add your posts or other people’s posts to the Memories keyword index, and view just yours, just others, or all together. You can also make the keyword associations Private, Public or Friends only; I guess this is if you want to link to someone else’s drivel and label it “drivel” you can keep your label to yourself if desired. Hmm.

I have also rediscovered the “Stop” button on the browser, which is good for stopping bouncy mood icons if they are distracting. Ahhh…

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