Thursday: busy day at work. Met with David B, Luis and Jason on how to recover repository2. Met with David B and Angela to discuss how to communicate changes to people on various aspects of the site. Spoke to David B about anomalous test times from David H. Break for lunch and Anime, watched Lain. Gather performance numbers from QI and send them to David H. Spoke to David H about what the numbers mean, agreed to drill down more on gladiator and network factors, since QI latency seems to not track test tool latency. Asked Bruce to look into gladiator latency with Doug Young info, and try to simulate David H’s test. Started file move on Repo2. Opened keystone slip. Spent an hour talking to David B about issues of the day.

Went home and brought Rockin Tacos. Farted around on the computer for a while, email, and tf. Checked on Repo2 and started the first stage recovery.

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