Journal 27 Dec 2000

Some things I would like to do with my free time

Learn Japanese
Learn Java
Write stories
Spend time with friends

Practice typing drills
Plan next vacation

Goals for coming year

Lose weight, get down to 200
Eat at home more, eat out less


I wrote myself back in May of this year expressing a desire to spend time on
these same things (Exercise, Learn Japanese, Write stories, Roleplay). But,
I have been pretty consistently spending time on other things besides this.
I have a tendency to spend time watching lame TV shows, or watching my work
email when I’m at home, and other things I don’t need or particularly want
to do. I’m not sure how to turn this around, other than setting some goals
for things I want to do and get started on them.

I feel like I have neglected friends, and especially family members, by just
not making time for them. I would like to turn this around in the coming
year. I would like to spend time with friends, on the weekend and such.

I would like to spend more time on roleplaying, but since I got out of the
habit, I am somehow resistant to getting back into it. Possibly because the
environment has changed and it’s no longer familiar and “comfortable”. I
realize this is a little irrational, because I could probably find a few
places where friends are hanging out and I would have a good time.

I tend to procrastinate things if the planets are not aligned properly, or
for some other reason that is equally silly. I think to myself, “I would
like to roleplay, but I want to have my own world; that would be cooler than
playing on some J. Random Mush. Mush is awful anyway. Gee, wouldn’t it be
great if I had my own Java-based VR server, and I could program on it and
also roleplay on it” Granted, it would be cool, but it will never happen if
I don’t start somewhere. And for all I know, things could happen
differently and be just as cool.

Even something simple like writing journal notes to myself can be
procrastinated endlessly. “Yeah, I would probably do that more if I had a
slick way to automatically file journal entries to a separate folder. Hey
that reminds me, I think I need to play with Procmail filters for a few
hours…” So this is the second journal entry this year.

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