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Sorry about spamming everyone’s friends pages earlier… I moved the entries to the other journal where they are supposed to be.

I skipped some chapters so I could get to some exciting plot bits. Now I have a choice of going forward more or coming back to fill in the blanks, which is handy.

Wrimo, baby

Writing is coming along OK. Unfortunately, in order to get where I wanted to be, I used up all my ideas for chapters to come, so now I will need to come up with more plot devices, which means more working over my notes and cause/effect list in the hope that something else will fall out.

For my friends also involved in nanowrimo, you proably want to make use of your time to write your own novels, though if you are stuck (and using a fantasy setting) browse my stuff if you think it will help.

For those of you not involved in nanowrimo, you’re probably wondering how you can help. Well, for one thing, you can offer support by reading and just posting a comment to say “I read it up to here”. Also, asking me questions about my characters and setting is appreciated, because it helps me think of things I haven’t addressed yet.

The story so far is viewable at Working table of contents.

Thanks all. Bed now.

Day 6

2100 words. A decent length for a chapter. I skipped forward a bit in the story so it’s best if I don’t expose it yet.
Added 300 words of notes too.
Total: 9291 “real” count, 11714 including notes.

Day 5

Just posted ch.5. In which Ayden’s new lady friend proves to have a life of her own.
Chapter 05: Training day (1858 words)
Ayden’s new lady friend is named Lise but goes by Kat (yes Emeraldas, I thought of you when naming her :)

I am slowly making up for 3 slow days with 2 stronger days, but still behind the steady-rate goal of 10K today. So I am 18.6% novelist and tomorrow I shall be 22% novelist.
Today: 1858 story, 279 notes, 2137 total
5 day total: 7191 story, 2117 notes, 9308 total

I know a couple other people on my friends page are doing NaNoWriMo this month. If you haven’t checked out you should. But, if you are prone to waste time reading when you should be writing, you might not want to put it on your friends page :)

That is all. Good night.